Attention Baby’s skin is getting dry then follow these home remedies


Lifestyle News Desk, As soon as winter comes, everyone starts struggling with skin problems. This season will also have a bad effect on the skin of children. The skin starts getting dry due to which the moisture content of the skin starts decreasing. Adults take care of their skin and apply body lotion or moisturizer according to their understanding, but children have a problem in this matter. For babies, you need to take extra care so that the baby’s skin does not become dry. The skin of babies is very delicate so parents cannot apply any skin products on babies. In such a situation, dry skin can be cured by trying grandmother’s remedies. Today we are going to tell you such home remedies to remove the problem of dry skin of children, which will be very useful for you.

Oil is the best home remedy for dry skin. Add one teaspoon of natural oil, such as coconut or sunflower oil, to the baby’s bath water. Bath water should be lukewarm. Bathe the child with this water.
Aloe Vera gel is easily available and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Aloe vera gel can be applied on the dry skin of the baby.
To save the child from the problem of dry skin, do not let him dehydrate, do not let him lack water.
To remove dryness from the skin of children, do massage with oil at short intervals. This will eliminate the dryness of your baby’s skin.
Do not use chemical lotions to treat dry baby skin. For that, you can make homemade lotion for the baby by mixing honey, olive oil and aloe vera gel.
Children with dry skin should not be bathed for long.
Do not bathe children with normal soap, choose soft, fragrance-free soap for children.
After bathing, children’s skin should not be wiped by rubbing with a towel.

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