Beet water will strengthen hair, white hair will be natural color


Lifestyle News Desk – The beauty of the face is not only from the shiny skin but also from the hair. Long, thick, silky hair works to enhance beauty. Every woman gets upset when hair starts falling and turning white. There are many home remedies for strengthening and coloring hair. Those who make an effort are benefited. There are many hair care products in the market. But sometimes they also become the cause of hair fall and breakage. Therefore, if you want, you can use a special tonic made at home. This tonic made from beetroot water brings new life to the hair. So let’s learn how to make hair tonic. The recipe of this hair tonic has been shared by TV actress Juhi Parmar with the fans. In which she is telling how to make hair long and thick.

To make hair tonic, you need one chopped beetroot, one teaspoon aloe vera gel, one cup water, one teaspoon rose water. First of all, wash and peel the beetroot and cut it into pieces. Then heat water in a vessel and put chopped beetroot pieces in it and let it cook for some time. Then turn off the gas and let it cool down. Filter the water when it cools down. After filtering the water, add a certain amount of rose water and aloe vera gel to it. Now fill this mixture in a spray bottle. Apply the prepared hair tonic to the roots of the hair and massage it with light hands all over the head. Regular scalp massage improves hair growth and strengthens hair. Along with this, the hair gets shine and also becomes natural color. If you want, apply it an hour before shampooing and wash the hair. This tonic will also benefit from this.

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