Choose the right lip color according to the tone of the face, these things will be useful


Lifestyle News Desk – If you want to choose the right lipstick, then it is important to take care of your skin tone. Only then you will get the lipstick of the perfect shade, which will add beauty to the face. Many times women choose the wrong lip shade. Due to which the look of the whole face gets spoiled. If you are having trouble choosing the right lip shade, then keep these things in mind. So that you can buy the right lipstick. Keep in mind that one should always buy lipstick matching the skin tone. For example, warm undertones suit warm skin tones and neutral undertones suit neutral skin tones. Even if the color of your skin has changed slightly due to tanning, but matching lipstick with undertone will make the face beautiful. So let’s know how to choose the right lip shade for your face.

fair skin with cool undertone
Fair skin is also one of the many undertakings. If the undertone is blue or purple, then mauve color lipstick looks beautiful on this type of face. Also, pink shade looks good in neutral shade. If women with this skin tone want to apply a dark color lip shade, then crimson red and berry tone lipstick will give the perfect look.

fair skin with warm undertones
Some women have warm and yellowish skin. Pink and brown shade lipstick looks beautiful on this type of skin. Also orange red and red brown colors look beautiful for statement lip colors.

neutral undertone
If you have neutral undertone or olive skin tone, bright colors like coral, red or hot pink look best on this type of skin. At the same time, deep plum and dark berry color lipstick suits in dark color lip shade.

medium skin tone
If you have a medium skin tone, avoid very light or light colored lipsticks. Such lipsticks will dull your skin tone very quickly. Colors like purple red, wine, rose pink suit this skin tone.

dark skin tone
If your skin is dark but the undertone is cool, then you should choose plum, cool red and berry color lip shade for yourself. On the other hand, if the undertone is warm, then choose dark brown, cool red, pink, coral and light bright color lipstick on this type of face. Whose color looks even more vibrant.

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