Desi Ghee is the treasure of beauty… If you use it like this, you will get a parlor like glow


Lifestyle News Desk – Ghee is a treasure of health, because many nutrients including vitamins and calories are found in it. Ghee also doubles the taste of food, as well as keeps health healthy. But do you know how much its beauty benefits are? Since ancient times, people have also been using ghee for its beauty properties, it helps you to get soft and smooth skin by removing many problems related to skin, lips and hair. Let’s know its miraculous benefits,

Remove dryness from the skin- Skin often looks dry and lifeless in winter, in such a situation, even if you apply any amount of cosmetic cream moisturizer on your dry skin, dryness remains. In this case, apply ghee and massage for a few minutes. Your dry skin problem can be solved very soon. Ghee will help in keeping your dry skin healthy always.

Remove aging With increasing age, signs of aging start appearing on the skin. In such a situation, you should use ghee rich in anti aging properties for the face. Massage your face with water, it is very effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E present in ghee is helpful in making the skin young and shiny.

Keeps skin young Ghee increases the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin flexible, due to which the skin remains young. It is also a natural scrub. Exfoliate with an equal amount of sugar mixed with ghee. Scrub the skin while massaging so that the ghee can penetrate deep into the skin. After that wipe it with tissue paper or dry cloth.

Remove dark circles Massaging ghee around the eyes removes dark circles. Along with this, the fatigue of the eyes will also go away.

Moisturize dry skin Mix 1 spoon honey in 1 spoon desi ghee and add a little raw milk to it. Apply this mask and wash off when it dries. It will work as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

Make lips soft Lips become very dry in the winter season. Many times the dryness does not go away even after applying Vaseline or lip care products. If you apply ghee on your lips, then the dryness of your lips will end very soon and the lips will look shiny and soft. Make hair shiny – Not only by applying ghee but by including it in the diet, the skin and hair get nourishment. It makes skin and hair shiny. Massage the scalp with lukewarm desi ghee. It makes hair soft. The vitamins E and A present in it are very beneficial for the health and growth of hair.

Remove sun burn Ghee proves beneficial in removing the problem of sun burn. You clean your face thoroughly while sleeping at night, then apply ghee on the affected area. By doing this you can get relief from the problem of sunburn.

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