If you feel colder than others, do these things to maintain body heat


Lifestyle News Desk – The outbreak of cold has started increasing in the capital Delhi. According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature in Delhi may remain up to 6 degree Celsius for the next 3 days. People adopt different methods to avoid cold. In winter, you must have seen many people who say that they are feeling colder than others. it also happens. Even in the family, we see that no one feels as much cold as others are feeling. If you also feel very cold, then today we are going to tell some such tips, by following which you can keep the body warm.

People use moisturizer after bath in winter. Moisturizer protects the body from dry air and maintains moisture in the skin. But, if you feel too cold, instead of moisturizer, massage your body with warm oil. When you massage the body with oil, it improves blood circulation and creates warmth in the body. You can also get hands and feet massage done twice a day.

body warmer
Wear body warmers from inside to avoid the cold. After this you can wear one or two clothes from outside. With this you will feel less cold and heat will remain in the body. There are different types of body warmers available in the market.

walking or exercising
Walk or exercise daily to keep the body warm. When you exercise, the muscles of the body are activated and blood circulation is better.

dry fruit
Special care has to be taken of food and drink in winter. If you want to keep the body warm, then eat dry fruits in this season or eat laddoos made from them. Almonds, walnuts, dates and groundnuts etc. are helpful in keeping the body warm.

warm clothes
Instead of wearing four-five clothes, buy such clothes which protect the body from cold and keep the body warm from inside. If you want, you can buy woolen vests or sweaters and socks for this season.

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