No need to wear heels to look tall, short girls should follow these tips


Lifestyle News Desk – Footwear is essential to complete your look. Carrying footwear while styling with the outfit makes the look even more impressive. By the way, girls also have many options in footwear. Like she can adopt different types of footwear like shoes, heels, socks, boots etc. But girls with short height often wear heels to look taller. Heels help to make her look stylish as well as make her height appear taller. But heels cannot be worn for every occasion. Heels become uncomfortable for girls on many occasions. However, there is no need to carry heels all the time to look tall. Here are some such tips, by adopting which girls of short stature can look tall even without wearing heels. Here are easy ways to look taller without heels. You don’t necessarily have to wear heels or wedges to look taller. Instead of increasing your height with footwear, you can also look taller through your outfit. That’s why girls with low height can style salwar kameez.

pay attention to color
If the height is less and the weight is more, then you can wear black color outfit. You can look taller by choosing black or dark colors like dark blue, maroon fabric.

full sleeve
To look taller, pay attention to the sleeves of your dress. Girls of short stature should wear long sleeve, half sleeve clothes. At the same time, avoid wearing clothes with puff sleeves and swollen sleeves.

choosing the right print
The print of clothes also has a profound effect on making you look taller. When you wear clothes with big or horizontal prints, then the height seems less. To look taller, wear outfits that have long striped prints. If you are wearing a suit then you can wear simple plain trousers or pants with a printed kurta or kameez.

Clothes Length
To look tall, the length of the clothes is also important. If you are of short stature, then the length of the kurta should be slightly below the knee or till the middle of the calf. Very short length looks ugly on petite girls. On the other hand, the height looks short in very long lengths.

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