This is the secret of Shah Rukh Khan’s six pack abs, you should also follow this routine


Lifestyle News Desk – Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan has come into controversy. People are criticizing it fiercely for a song in the film Pathan. But people were surprised to see the poster shared by Shahrukh Khan in the film. Shah Rukh Khan’s muscular body is clearly visible in the look of the film. Shahrukh Khan’s six pack abs are also visible in this photo. If you also want a body like a king, then you can follow this routine. The secret of Shah Rukh Khan’s fitness is a balanced diet. Let us tell you that the actor has divided his calories into several small meals throughout the day to pump up his metabolism. Doctors also recommend a balanced diet to stay fit. Shahrukh Khan eats protein along with carbohydrates and a few things in pre-workout snacks to stay energized during workout sessions. To look muscular in the film Pathan, he also included eggs, pulses and meat in his diet.

In this film, Shahrukh Khan did heavy weight training to show his muscular body. Along with this, he also toned his body. This workout is very important to keep yourself fit and balanced. By doing this exercise, the muscles become active and the body also remains fit. Shah Rukh Khan used to do a combination workout of more than 45 minutes, which includes rehab exercises, strength training and cardio. Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan never used to miss his food after workout. Eating post workout is very important for muscle recovery. If you skip eating after a workout, then the muscles recover slowly and the energy in the body remains low. Apart from this, Shah Rukh Khan used to drink water and other liquids like coconut water and fruit juices to hydrate and detoxify the body.

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