Utkatasana Yoga strengthens the muscles of the core and legs, know its methods and other health benefits


Lifestyle News Desk – Regular practice of yoga is considered beneficial for the whole body. It’s not just a calming exercise, it can also promote muscle building and strength. Practicing yoga regularly increases physical activity, improves circulation and benefits overall fitness. Experts recommend incorporating the practice of Utkatasana yoga into the yoga routine. There can be many benefits from this asana. Utkatasana yoga is also known as chair pose exercise. Chair pose exercise means to do a posture like sitting on a chair. There is a special need for balance with concentration. During this exercise, many muscles of the body are involved, due to which they are exercised.

How to do Utkatasana Yoga
Chair pose yoga can be practiced by people of all ages, initially do it for a short time. As the concentration increases, the duration of this yoga can be increased. To get maximum benefits from yoga, it is considered necessary to practice it in the right way. To practice Utkatasana yoga, first stand straight and take a deep breath and raise your hands up. Now slowly bring the body to the sitting position, as if you are sitting on a chair. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then come back to the starting position.

Benefits of Utkatasana Yoga
The muscles are strengthened by the practice of chair pose yoga. It is also an exercise to improve balance.
This yoga strengthens the ankles, thighs, calves and spine.
Stretches the shoulders and chest.
This is an exercise to stimulate the abdominal organs and the diaphragm.
It increases the heart rate. It also benefits the circulatory and metabolic systems.
It is an exercise that increases stamina while toning the nervous system.
Increases strength by strengthening core and leg muscles.

Precautions of Utkatasana Yoga

Health experts say that chair pose yoga should not be practiced in certain situations, as it may increase your risk of complications. Do not practice this yoga if you have problems like chronic knee pain, arthritis, ankle sprain. This yoga increases the pressure on the knees and feet, which can increase your problems. This yoga pose should also not be performed during menstruation or if there is pain in the lower back.

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